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          We are an innovative end-to-end mobile application service provider connecting several mobile networks to provide corporate mobile operator services, research and development for platform services. Our commitment, based on collaboration with our client and technology partner, is to design customized, develop wireless application and world class multimedia platform to rollout mobile multi service over sms, mms, wap or video streaming.

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Mobile Application Services Provider

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          Our aim is to assist clients to improve business processes effectiveness and efficience as well as enhance customer satis-faction with high quality, innovating products and powerfull value-added business solutions

          Pixelmagicnet is here to solve and optimize all you mobile wireless communications needs and we also believe in customer focus and value creation using wireless technologies.

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About Us

PIXELMAGIC is privately owned company based in Thailand specializing in mobile application service & development. We have strong connection with mobile operators in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

PIXELMAGIC focus on the provision of mobile value-added services to more than 10 Mobile Network Operators in Asia Pacific. In addition

PIXELMAGIC establish strong partnerships with leading Music labels, Movie Owners , Media Owner, Radio &TV Channel.


Commitment to our customers

We are dedicated and professional to provide the services for our customer. Our success is measured by our customer’s satisfaction.

Commitment to our employee

We value each of the employee as family members. We aim to create an environment where they can archive their professional and personal aspirations.

Professional Excellence

We believe in achieving through excellence and by exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, competency and ethics.

Never Being Satisfies & Keep Improving

We believe that striving to be the best in our industry is a never ending process; therefore, our success depends on our ability to continually reinvent our organization and ourselves.


Most of our business is around building dedicated teams in Thailand for our clients. These teams are structured in spirit as captive Thailand Development Centers for our clients. The teams effectively end up becoming a one-stop-shop for all the outsourcing requirements of our clients. So, though we start with all our clients in a single service area, we rapidly expand the scope of the engagement to cover all our clients’ needs.


PIXELMAGIC continues expanding marketing channel coverage in Thailand. Plans to invest on Radio & TV channel, which includes Channel 3, True Vision, Channel 5,Channel V, local interative cable TV & Radio.

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You can reach us at support@pixelmagicnet.com. Additionally, you can fill out the form below…